What is a master key system?

A Master Key system allows each lock to have its own individual key which will not operate any other lock. However, each lock is also part of a larger set of locks allowing them to be operated by different types of keys: the master key, sub master keys and service keys.

Service keys
  • Activates a variety of locks without restriction to door group or branch. They can be allocated by department, employee group, trade, etc.
Master keys
  • Master keys or sub-master keys activate locks grouped under one or more branches of a master key system.

*The branches are created according to the customers’ needs.

Master key system

A master key system is a security system created to work for you. It gives its users access to specific zones or buildings and, by restricting access with control processes, increases the global security of your property.

Who should use a master key system ?

We have a wide range of customers: from single-site, 8 lock systems to clients with 5000 doors to control across many sites. Rest assured we can help you as well.

  • Multi-site businesses
  • Businesses with 10 locks or more to control
  • If you have to meet government access control and/or security norms
  • If you wish to control who can make copies of your keys
  • If you need help with the organization and management of your keys

Who will keep track of my information ?

When you choose to create your master key system with Excel Locksmith, we commit to maintaining your system information up-to-date and secure so that any future add-ins or modifications will not cause any cross-keying. Also because we keep track of your system thoroughly, when you need to make access changes down the road, we will be able to maintain proper access to the authorized users while removing (or adding) others.

What are the benefits of a master key system ?

  • Offers more convenience as individuals have access to their authorized sectors by using only one key.
  • Personalized according to the specific needs and unique criteria of your business or organization.
  • May be implemented gradually, for example by starting with your perimeter or restricted zones and adding locks as the needs arise.
  • You will have less keys circulating, reducing the risk of loss.

Where do I start ?

Careful planning is the basis for the long-term success of the master key system that will ensure your safety and security. For this reason we recommend that you start with a free evaluation of your system and needs. Once this is done, we will assist you every step of the way with the conception, organization and implementation of your system. Now you can get back to what you do best: running your business.

A well planned system will allow for a wide range of possible combinations and will grow and evolve with your business while maintaining a superior security level.

Controlled key system

Why a controlled key system?

  • High security locks cannot be picked and are not susceptible to key bumping.
  • Act as a deterrent due to their superior material and conception quality.
  • Very little long term maintenance and/or adjustments required, giving them a very low life cycle cost.
  • High security keys cannot be duplicated without written authorization: only the authorized people can ask for duplicates or request modifications to existing locks. You have full control over your copies.

What kinds of businesses typically use controlled keys?

  • Governmental institutions
  • Schools (public or private)
  • Office buildings
  • Banks
  • Professional firms
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Transport companies
  • Production plants
  • Retail industry
  • And many, many more…
Porte d'une entreprise sécurisée par l'usage de la Clé de service
Bureau protéger par un système de clé maîtresse